Layouts of the future with CSS Grid, and the Reckoning of HTTP2

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Melbourne Web Meetup
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67 Queen Street (Side Entrance) · Melbourne

How to find us

In the basement, entrance on Queen Street

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What we'll do

We're going to be talking CSS Grid with Erin Zimmer - Google Developer Expert and a Mozilla Tech Speaker; and find out whatever happened to HTTP2 - the promised cure-all for our web performance problems, with another conference favourite and friend of the Web Meetup: Peter Wilson.

Thanks to our sponsors Zendesk, StarRez, Affix, and Twilio there will be lots to eat and drink; we have great presenters lined up; and there will be plenty of opportunity to network and socialise at the event and at the Mitre Tavern afterwards.

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* Agenda *

18:00 - Doors open, food arrives
18:30 - Presentations
20:00 - Head to the Mitre Tavern

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* The Presentations *

CSS grid-designers perspective
Erin Zimmer

Welcome to the layouts of the future!

CSS has come a long way since the days of tables and spacer gifs. Today, tools like flexbox and grid give us the ability to create truly flexible and dynamic layouts. But are we using them to their full potential? Let's dig into how we can use these modern tools to build truly responsive designs that work across devices of all shapes and sizes.

Erin is a Google Developer Expert and a Mozilla Tech Speaker, with over ten years experience in a variety of languages, from JavaScript to Model204 (no, nobody else has heard of it either). She is currently a senior web developer and at Shine Solutions. She is an active member of the Melbourne developer community, and has spoken at conferences around the world. If you see her at a conference, she’ll probably have knitting needles in hand.

- - -

HTTP2: The Reckoning
Peter Wilson

A few years ago, HTTP2 was the hot new technology that was going to solve all of the web’s performance woes. But like a bad 80s movie sequel, the promise turned out to be a little better than the reality.

So what went wrong? In this talk, Peter will dig in to the data to find out if it’s the technology or developers filling the space provided. Now that HTTP2 is an established technology, learn how to take advantage of the features it provides within the confines of reality.

Peter Wilson is a Senior Engineer on Nine Publishing's CMS team (formerly Fairfax Media). Peter has worked on the web for twenty years on everything from table based layouts in the 90s to enterprise grade CMS development.

Peter’s a big fan of musical theatre and often encourages his industry colleagues to join him for a show or two in New York or in the West End.