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@thisisgburg is the unofficial guide to Gothenburg.

We host a range of social meetups: evenings of fun and discussion about our wonderful city, immersive experiences, urban games and Secret Dinner Parties (http://www.thisisgothenburg.com/secret-dinner-party).

Whether you have been in Gothenburg for a day or a lifetime – all are welcome!

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Secret Semla


Saturday January 26th is Secret Semla day. We are going to be meeting up in cafes across Gothenburg sampling the best Semlas (Semlors?) out there. Choose to meet in the centre (near Kungsportplatsen) or receive a secret invite to a different cafe. Expect small groups - you can make it a "hunt the best semla", "more of a stroll", "instasemla" or whatever you choose (we try and help with that by putting people in likeminded groups). Sign up via http://www.thisisgothenburg.com/unlock-the-city The earliest Fikas will start at 13:30 but you can choose to start you Fika anytime between 13:30 and 15:00 on the Saturday. Semlas subject to availability. Groups tend to be around 5-6 people... give or take. More instructions to follow.

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