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Organisational Agility & Positive Psychology - the future of work?
The world is transforming at a dizzying pace - and we believe that positive psychology holds many of the answers to today's challenges.

The University of Melbourne

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What we're about

In the 'age of disruption' we need to be change-agile, while performing at our best, and we need deep resources of resilience. This group is all about exploring research and practice from the fields of psychology and organisational science that are shaping the future of work.

This meetup (usually the second Tuesday of every other month) is for professionals, leaders and other practitioners interested in managing and leading change, developing resilience and performance - and enabling personal and organisational thriving.

Why this group was formed

The pace of change is accelerating, and yet many people already report feeling overwhelmed, under-valued and burnt out. We need another way.

Research in organisational & psychological science is showing that when we ‘thrive’, that is when we are able to bring the best of ourselves to work, are also at our most adaptable, we perform at our best, and we are at our most resilient and happy.

In addition to having a strong basis in psychological and organisational science, these techniques are being used at organisations like as Google, Apple, Mckinsey and even the US Military to deliver better and more sustainable results.

P.s. if you're interested in knowing more about the background to the techniques, below are some great resources to get you started.

Firstly an introduction to the field of Positive Pyschology* by Dr Martin Seligman:

An intro to the practice of mindfulness at work:

And a quick overview of Positive Organisational Behaviour*:

And a great article on the benefits of positive workplace cultures:

That's just a flavour of course - come along to the meetup or get in touch and I'd be more than happy to discuss more!!

* By the way, where you see the word 'Positive' above (as in 'Positive Psychology' and 'Positive Organisations') think of it as meaning 'Optimal Functioning'... rather than as in 'positive thinking'... the proponents of these fields of research would say: to be at our very best, we have to embrace our whole selves - the so-called 'negative' as well!

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