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UQ Blockchain meet-up is open to University of Queensland staff and students, past, present & future, researchers, and people from the industry across the world.

The group aims to foster learning, research, collaboration, and start-up ideation across all disciplines. Both undergraduate, and postgraduate students are welcome.

The group is currently running the same talks as the Ethereum Engineering Group meet-up (https://www.meetup.com/ethereum-engineering/).

Upcoming events (2)

SKALE: Standard Kit for Asyncronous LEdgers

Online event

Online event: https://consensys.zoom.us/j/99473632726

Konstantin Kladko will discuss SKALE: SKALE is a modular framework that splits blockchain consensus (BC) under asynchronous networking model into a sequence of stages. It then applies provably secure algorithms at each stage, so that the entire BC becomes provably secure. This modular framework allows to construct a wide variety of BCs with different tradeoffs as well as re-interpret and analyze security some of the existing BCs such as Tendermint.

Konstantin will provide an intro into SKALE framework as well as the specific implementation of SKALE used by SKALE network. He will also discuss connection between BCs and Binary Consensus algorithms, as well as discuss construction of front-running-secure BCs

Eth 1 to Eth2 merge

Online event

Online event: https://consensys.zoom.us/j/99473632726
Mikhail Kalinin (https://ethresear.ch/u/mkalinin/summary) will give a talk on migrating the Ethereum 1 MainNet to Ethereum 2, and describe the merits of doing this before or after sharding is incorporated into Ethereum 2.

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