🧙‍♂️🧙‍♀️ Web3 Hack Sundays

Web3 Sydney
Web3 Sydney
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What we'll do

Keen to learn Web3 technology like blockchains, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies and other decentralised or distributed protocols? Want to meet other curious people or even build your own funky dApps/hApps for this new movement?

Web3 Sydney Hack Sundays are a casual gathering of developers, designers, entrepreneurs, hobbyists and learners. It's a self-directed and self-organising day of discussion, coding, building and fun.

🧙‍♂️🧙‍♀️ Open to all humans, at any level, across any Web3 platforms, with meetup friends from across the Sydney crypto community often joining in!

< Q U E S T >

1000: Arrive at Harris St entrance 👋
1030: Hack, build, learn, teach, chat + relax 👩‍💻
1300: Mmm lunch 🍱
1400: Hack on 👩‍💻
1700: Home time 🏠

< B R I N G >

💻 Laptop.
💰 Lunch or monies.
🦜 Your project, challenges, ideas + learnings.

< F A M >

💜 If you run a club, meetup or startup in the web3, crypto or blockchain space and would like to host your own mini casual hack (<20 people) in the same space/time with us, then please do! Just ping http://chat.web3syd.com

< H E L P >

💬 "I'm stuck outside": post in http://chat.web3syd.com
😍 "I can't code": beginners welcome, we'll help you get started.
😎 "I don't code": designers, entrepreneurs etc welcome too.
🌐 "Can I use [protocol]?": open to all Web3 technology.
🌊 "I don't have any ideas": play with the tech, ideas will flow.

< G R A T I T U D E >

UTS Startups for generously providing the venue 😍

< W E B 3 >

⛓️ Ethereum, Holochain, IPFS, Swarm, Whisper, Scuttlebutt, Cardstack, Bitcoin, MakerDAO, EOS, TRON, Cardano, Stellar, IOTA, NEM, NEO, Waves Platform, 0x Protocol, Stratis, Polkadot, Loom Network, Cosmos, Aragon and so many more!