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Join in and enjoy the awesome benefits of laughter yoga! - Tuesdays, Wed. & Sat.
Sessions go about 40 minutes, and you are welcome to come to a cafe afterwards to chat.

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What we're about

Laughteryoga combines laughter with simple, fun movements to get the real health benefits. There are no pre-requisites, no judgements or comments, and no expectations - other than raising your laughter level.

There are no 'yoga' positions, just lots of loud laughter. Everybody can learn to laugh longer and louder than we normally do, to maintain our own wellbeing. It's about taking responsibility for your own health, and because it's fun you have a better chance of doing it. You enjoy achieving results.

10 minutes of Laughteryoga is equivalent to 30 mins on an exercise machine!

Yes, this is fairly intense aerobics! The key is to increase oxygen intake, and to do this we need to breathe out more. Yes, not to breathe in more, but out. We only use a small fraction - less than 20% of our lung capacity 'normally' - so the key is to exhale more. We have no muscles to do this. Most people avoid 'exercise'. That's where Laughteryoga provides the workout, disguised as playful fun.

You get maximum results in minimum time. But regularity is vital. This way you get your daily dose.

What happens in a Laughteryoga Session?

In a Laughter Session we use the physical action of Laughter for 3 reasons:

Ø To gain the real health benefits for wellbeing

Ø To cultivate connections and nurture joy with other people

Ø Inner personal peace, community peace, and world peace

Yoga-based laughter stimulates you to the real thing.


This interactive session includes:

Ø Laughter and breathing techniques, with play and fun

Ø long-lasting, powerful positive benefits for your body, heart and mind.


Ø Re-discover the value of fun for a healthy life

Ø Release your inner spirit of play all day

Ø Learn quick and easy methods to deal effectively with anxiety

Ø Improve physical, emotional, mental and social wellbeing

Anyone can learn to laugh for 10 - 15 minutes a day without resorting to jokes.

Laughter is infectious, and it spreads when you laugh in a group. So what we do is nothing new.
We are accustomed to requiring a reason to laugh: a joke, a situation, or a friend to giggle with.
So laughing for no other reason than the health benefits can seem strange at first.

What happens is, it soon generates the familiar kind, and our innate playfulness kicks in.

Human beings are programmed to play, it's in our genes. It's how we learn best, in fact the only way we learn.

With laughter yoga you develop your confidence and core control, since the ability to laugh at yourself is the greatest single step that you can take towards self-awareness.

When was the last time you had a really good, long belly laugh?

And how did you feel? This is no joke! That feeling lasts all day!

Did you know that adults laugh on average 15 times, children 400 to 600 times a day?

60 years ago people laughed 3 to 4 times as much as we do!

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