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Dance in the dark! No Lights No Lycra Bassendean!
• What we'll do Everyone will come and dance in the dark...on their own, every week! You will talk about your experiences and share your favourite tracks! For many of us, the idea of dancing in public is terrifying. The only time we will bust out some real moves is at home in our living rooms, when no-one can see. But now there is a space where you can do just that, but in the company of others, because the lights are switched off. ""No one can see you; no one's judging you. We play an hour of absolute hard pumping hits and old classics and everyone goes completely crazy." ABC News • What to bring Water bottle and towel and comfy shoes... Yes you can wear lycra if you really want to! • Important to know Its quite dark so don't be surprised if you cant see anything!

Bassendean Community Hall

48 Old Perth Road Bassendean · Perth

What we're about

My meetups are all about meeting and mingling while actively doing something fun like group fitness classes like Zumba or No Lights No Lycra, and fun day/night club events such as K'Lypso! Carnaval Dance Parties Sunday sessions at The Deen, as well as coffee groups before or after such events to refresh, reflect and connect!!

If you're interested in music and movement and exercise and want to meet others of the same Zest for life, than be part of this group!

Start by joining some of the cheap and cheerful but energetic and wholesome events such as Zumba On Beaufort Inglewood and coffee group, No Lights No Lycra Bassendean and K'Lypso! Dance social dance and parties at our non-intimidating and laid back Sunday Sessions at the Aberdeen monthly.

Starts this Feb 18 2018. We will also be posting about the multicultural festivals that are always popping up around Perth of which we are also a part of or in collaboration with!

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