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Meet other local Pick-up Soccer players, play some soccer, and/or PLAN meetups! This is not meant to be too competitive, just fun! Tell your friends! If you'd like me to schedule meetups, just let me know and I will make you an assistant organizer! Feel free to send out an e-mail to the group OR use the message board to see where there is interest. Please make sure you scope out the field first, and see if there are goals in place or if equipment is needed. ITP location preferred, but that's up to Yall! PS With people sending e-mails to the group, this might cause some of y'all's inboxes to get flooded, but I suggest everyone use g-mail because then all your e-mails from the same contact (this meetup group) will get sorted into one "conversation"!

Próximos eventos (5+)

Friday 5:00pm Pickup Soccer at Hammond Park

Hammond Park

Hammond Park is free this Friday. So let's get a couple of hours of soccer in after work! Please bring both color and white shirts! Also, I do want to encourage you to keep the games at maximum 10 v 10 if possible - if a game is full and a lot of people are still showing up, please start up a new one - there is plenty of room for everyone!

Fridays @ Local Atlanta College

Local Atlanta College

Pick-up soccer at 466 6th Street Northwest, Atlanta, Georgia. HIGHLY RECOMMEND TURF SHOES or INDOOR SOCCER SHOES(you will slide around in cleats). Come earlier if you would like. Plenty of people of all skill levels are usually there so, you will always have people to play with. More to come.

Pick Up Soccer

Roswell Area Park

we play 10 v 10 if we're full start a new game meet at the turf fields in the middle of the park

Saturday 4:30pm Pickup Soccer at Waller Park

Groveway Community Park - Lower Waller Soccer Field

This is a minimally organized pick-up game. We're just a bunch of people who agree to show up, play soccer, and have a good time. There are no dues. There are no dedicated fields or equipment, so bring a ball if you can. We might need it! Some important rules: • No slide tackles. • No rough or dangerous play (don't hurt anybody!) • Have fun! Other, less important, details: • We usually limit each game to 10v10, depending on how much space we have available. If there's enough space and enough people, we'll start up a second game. Show up on time if you don't want to wait. • We usually play with small goals and no goalkeepers. But it's ok to stand in front of the goal as long as you don't use your hands. • We usually don't play corner kicks. If the ball goes over the end line, it's just a goal kick regardless of who touched it last. • We usually do kick-ins instead of throw-ins.

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Thursday Night Pickup Soccer at Peachtree Middle School

Peachtree Middle School