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Art Model Collective is a model-run group who organise their own life drawing events, offering dramatic, interactive, themed multi-model tableaux vivants.

Continuing on from the work started as The Life Drawing Collective, Carla and Manko invite you to take part in this new stage of the project, which opens up the roster to be more inclusive and representative of the industry as a whole. To treat established professionals with the respect they deserve, to mentor and nurture new talent and create a healthier happier working environment, this model-run initiative aims to raise the standards of life modelling, to push the models and the artists to new heights of excellence.

If you want to see the models you love be paid what they deserve, come and join the revolution!

(Or if you don't care about politics and activism, then remember that this financial scheme allows us the luxury of dramatic multi-model compositions that most events could simply not afford).

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Multimodel life drawing: Super Fu*!?ng Gay (AMC in association with Villain)

Tickets selling fast for this Super Fun, Super Colourful and Super Gay superhero life drawing session at your friendly neighbourhood comic shop in London's West End! This faaabulous multi-model session is held in association with the artist Villain, whose print exhibition will be on show at Orbital Gallery from 10 October. Villain playfully subverts the comic book and superhero genres, viewing them through a queer lens. AND HE WILL BE THERE IN PERSON! The exhibition will feature a team of fictional LGBTQ superheroes, including Captain Pride, Lady Violet and Flamingo. But which ones of these will this life drawing session bring to life? We have an extremely exciting model line-up: the brilliant Roy Butler from Figuration, trans dancer and model Sakeema, and Manko! Complimentary refreshments and basic art materials provided. Price: £20 Tickets https://www.orbitalcomics.com/super-fung-gay-life-drawing-class-friday-18th-october/

William Blake life drawing tribute with Art Model Collective

London Atelier of Representational Art

With the brilliant exhibition of William Blake running at the Tate Britain, we cannot resist to dedicate a life drawing session to this iconic British visionary, mystic, poet and painter. As we approach “the dark half of the year” and the fabric between the physical and the ethereal worlds grows thin, it is the perfect time to dive into the supernatural, to hop on the back of a "ghost of a flea", to get away with the fairies, to join in with William Blake's extraordinary mind, vision and spirit, embracing its mysticism and poetry. We will have another evocative 3 hour Sunday life drawing session at the atelier with atmospheric soundtrack, themed props, 10-40min poses, and good proximity to the subjects in the specially designed life drawing studio. Places are strictly limited and tickets advance only, £20 via: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/william-blake-life-drawing-tribute-with-art-model-collective-tickets-75908330861 Free art materials, large boards and easels, and paper up to A2 size is included in the price. These sessions are relaxed, immersive and untutored, however if you need assistance and tips of life drawing, please request it before the session. NB: This is a functional art school, so there is no bar, but feel free to BYOB. ------------- The collaboration between AMC and LARA is a unique blend of your beloved AMC events set in an inspiring academic environment. LARA is unique in being the contemporary-minded atelier that welcomes AMC to reinvigorate life drawing.

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