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Come to a Lesbian Happy Hour to meet new, friendly women! This event will occur at a pre-determined location that serves alcoholic and non libations, and I always provide food/snacks for the group! Come meet women who are there to meet other women in a laid-back, casual, no-pressure atmosphere! This is perfect for those new to town or simply lesbians looking to meet like-minded women in an environment that caters towards conversation and socializing. Most events will occur on Friday evenings from 6-9 pm with the ability to stay after if desired. This event is great for those wishing to meet others but who aren't into the late night/clubbing scene

Please note that the 6$ fee (after the trial of course) is only only once per year and it includes free food at all the events! It helps to cover the cost of Meetup fees, venue rentals and food. I love to host and this small fee will allow me to be even better at it!

I ran a successful Meetup in San francisco. Please feel free to check out the link to get an idea of how these events work:)


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