Lo que hacemos

You don't have to be an archaeologist!

Looking for hunters of wisdom, artifacts, and everything far out. Just a ragtag fun group of explorers. However, a select few of us will go to a personally owned set of land to search for artifacts. Yes, it's legit. You will know it after meeting and deciding for yourself. Before scheduling any hunts we will meet at local libraries or restaurants and discuss topics and I'll decide on recruits afterwards. Probably will take turns having a few different people per hunt. Metal detectors are welcome also.

Many things have already been found! There is so much more to explore.

Initially we will meet and discuss various things from the past (and future) but not so much of the present...as present is boring! lol Ok, so I hope everyone has a sense of humor and also a very open mind. Of course everyone claims they are open minded though don't they?

If you have witnessed a phenomenon then that's even better. If you have anxiety that's great, so do I, just feel the fear and click "let's go" anyway. There's much to explore and I've the world to show you. Digging is rarely fun though, and I've done enough of it, so I'm recruiting slaves...I mean helpers. Anyhow, ignore that. ;-)

Those with knowledge of artifacts or meteorites or rocks in general will be very useful to have around, but so are those that are intelligent and open minded (and good shoveling skills) as well. :)

Mostly we will be a discussion group on the topics I've listed for the group, but we can indeed actually find more artifacts. I would definitely be willing to share some of the fortune with you, but I'm keeping the fame all to myself! DEAL?? Great!


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