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This is a group for locals, expats, students or anyone who is interested in field hockey. If you are field fieldhockey player, like to join a team/club for at least one season and try a hockey training or are interested in events (tournament, EHL, etc) surrounding field hockey? Feel free to join, ask questions and share ideas!

About me
My name is Frank Meijer a Dutch guy playing all my life and since 2014 at Barcelona Hockey club. (Pau Negre on Montjuic) As I was used to playing in The Netherlands I wasn´t sure what I would find here.. What level? Is there a competition? What about the language?

The hockey community here is not as big as in The Netherlands, but all levels are accounted for, the competitions are big enough, English will take you far but of course Spanish/Catalan speaking. More and more expats joining the competitions.

I noticed through friends and colleagues that some are willing to play here in Barcelona, but just need a little encouragement, haven´t got their stick with them or have other reasons. Having no material can be little bit a problem, but sometimes its possible to borrow and there are enough (web)shops in there area. (see We Link page)

Please note!
It can be difficult to get into a club/team when you´re only available for short term.. as in less than on season! (Season October / June) The hockey community is not that big, so some teams are not eager to mixup the player setup during the season, but don´t let that withhold you!

If you are interested, please first check the We Link page where you´ll find links to several clubs in the area. You can check the locations at Map Catalunya (

If that doesn´t work sent me your details bij mail:
- Your Name, Gender & Age
- Level and Years you played
- Where are you from and how long do you live and stay in BCN
- More about yourself
Note that I´m enjoying the Barca life a lot so it could take a while before I respond!

This meetup is still under construction! Feel free to ask or suggest anything! PLEASE DO!

Below links will provide you with some info (Barca clubs) and you can find more relevant info about the clubs, shops, etc. on the We Link page. (location: Pau Negre Center Esportiu Municipal)