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Community based open source IoT infrastructure - The Things Network
The Things Network ( is a global project that aims to build a commons network for the IoT, based on the principles of openness, freedom and neutrality. There are hundreds of communities all around the globe deploying infrastructure and helping people and entities make good use of the network. In Barcelona, The Things Network Catalunya community ( has been working on the "Pilot per la Xarxa Oberta de l'Internet de les Coses" (Pilot for an Open Network for the IoT) for a year now. There are 14 gateways covering, not only Barcelona city but other cities around it. We have also done more than 30 tech and social workshops, working with local entities and companies to develop use cases around the network, and two hackathons focus on Energy, Mobility and Urban Space (the first one) and Education (the second one). During the presentation you will have the chance to know the status of the network, the activities we are doing, the alliances we have forged and the tools (both software and hardware) we are using. Xose Pérez ( is core member of the The Things Network community in Barcelona and works as freelancer software engineer. He has created and maintains several hardware and software open source projects related to technological sovereignty. References: The Things Network: The Things Network Catalunya: Patrons: * OpenSUSE: * Ikoula: * FSFE: * KDE España:

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    To all the free software enthusiasts in Barcelona: you've found your place! Barcelona Free Software is hosting FLOSS-oriented talks addressed to developers and users depending on the occasion.

    We'd love to meet everyone interested in free and open technologies around the city and discuss it both in presentations and in more relaxed environments.

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