Friday Cafe co-working & lunch in Bar Lexington

Barcelona Freelancer Meetup
Barcelona Freelancer Meetup
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Hi everyone!

Join us for cafe co-working in Lexington!


(For regulars, please scroll down for multi-entry package options)

If you are you tired of working on your own, then come along to our Cafe Co-Working sessions. Keep working on your own stuff, but in good and inspiring company.

I often work from cafes, and love to do this with other "cafe-workers", simply to have the feeling of having work colleagues, and the opportunity to have an occasional chat in-between the working.

To ensure we are productive, the idea is to have a maximum 20 min introductory chat, then work without getting too much into non-work-related conversations.

So bring your laptop and join us!

Lexington co-working - THIS IS WHAT YOU GET:

Reliable wifi
• Lexington is one of the few, if not the only, bar/cafe, with strong enough WiFi for a larger group to be able to be connected at the same time.

A great co-working environment with inspiring, like-minded people
• Enjoy nice company instead of working alone from home.

• Get to know people with the same lifestyle as you.

• Get work done, with the opportunity for small talk in-between (just like an office environment, but without the boss!).

Good quality food
• The lunch & cakes are really tasty :)

• Lunch menu options range from 8.40 - 11-40 Euros.

• For those who arrive hungry in the morning, they also have breakfast options: coffee, tea, croissants, home made cakes, sandwiches & fresh juices.

(Food & drink to be paid directly at the bar before leaving)

Get to know each other over lunch
• Lunch is combined with an informal 2-3 min introduction of everyone who attends, so that we can all get to know each other better, make new friends and sometimes even make a new business connection.



If you come regularly, I offer packages of 5 and 10 co-working sessions (incl. 10% discount). The packages can be paid via PayPal or with credit card, through the links below:

Buy 10 co-working sessions (

Buy 5 co-working sessions (

Purchasing a co-working package guarantees you a space at the event independent of waiting lists, as long as you...

----- inform of your attendance in the comment field at least 24 hours in advance of the event.----- :)



Click here ( for more information on the payment options and cancellation policy.


Looking forward to see you Friday morning!

- Vibeke