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Last chat of the year
Time for a last get together and chat before we all disappear into the christmas break! Sadly we can't get sandwiches anymore, but we can bring along our own crisps and stuff

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Bar Rufian

C/ Nou de la Rambla 123 · Barcelona

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    Lo que hacemos

    The Barcelona LGBT+ tech meetup is a place for sharing & caring about LGBT+ diversity and inclusion in the technology sector. We all care about our work and we’re (almost) all geeks. How can we benefit from diversity and be better by embracing that we're all different? We’re a group of LGBT+ geeks that work in tech, and we want to learn from others, help and share ideas.

    Whether you’re LGBT+ yourself, care about diversity, are curious about how others deal with it, or have just started a company and are shaping your culture… this is the place to talk!

    If there’s interest, we might turn this into something regular. In other countries, organisations like InterTech or Unicorns in Tech have formed to raise visibility in the industry with great success.

    Con el fin de que todo el mundo pueda participar intentaremos mantener el meetup en inglés. Si no te fías de tu inglés no te cortes, seguramente nos apañaremos!

    Amb la finalitat que tot el món hi pugui participar mantindrem el meetup en anglès. Si no tens plena confiança en el teu anglès no et tallis, segur que ens apanyarem!