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Mindfulness Course in English - Autumn Edition
Do you want to feel calmer and happier and generally enjoy life more? In this eight week mindfulness course you will: - Learn to let go of unhelpful thoughts - Let go of unnecessary stress - Become calmer - Learn to enjoy life more fully - Improve your focus and relationships - Become happier and healthier in mind and body - Create a meditation habit that can help you for the rest of your life Once per week for two hours per week. Taught in English by a fully qualified psychotherapist and certified mindfulness teacher. Limited places. Follow the link here to reserve yours now. Mention you are a meetup member for 20 euro discount! “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain”.

shanti vida

rambla catalunya 1, 3-2 · Barcelona

Lo que hacemos

This is a group for people interested in learning Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. Mindfulness is the gentle effort to be consciously present with your experience. Mindfulness is learnt through attentional training using meditation and gentle yoga based stretches to improve awareness, reduce stress, negativity and improve physical, emotional and mental health. It is an evidence based technique that has a holistic approach aimed at restoring balance and tranquillity.
Mindfulness involves practicing becoming more familiar with our body, mind and emotions. Paradoxically to bring a sense of choice and even freedom into these states, we do not need to try to control them. We just practice becoming more aware to help us then step out of unhelpful circular patterns which can sometimes feel as if our thoughts and internal states are controlling us! We can do this by connecting back into ourselves and the moment so we can become aware of what’s going on in our mind and body a kind non judgmental way. This is Mindfulness. Once we start becoming more aware of the thoughts, and our internal states we may see choices of how to respond differently, responding as opposed to reacting. It can also be described as stepping out of the autopilot and starting to live more consciously.
Benefits of mindfulness include reduction in anxiety, stress, depression, pain and irritability. Improvement in immune system, digestive system and ease in the level of suffering with many challenging stress induced illnesses including IBS, cancer, fibromyalgia and other chronic functional disorders, including diabetes. Mindfulness improves memory, attention, enhances stamina and resilience as well as improving emotional intelligence.
Our team includes myself, Amy Holden and Jess Bigogno. We are both psychologists trained in the UK and specializing in Mindfulness, guiding and facilitating courses, classes, retreats and workshops from both our personal experience having strong practices as well as being certified academically. Come join!