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BPP Book Club: More Than Two (Chapter 12)

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Lo que hacemos

The main language of the group is English (all levels welcome). Most of us also speak Catalan and/or Spanish. Some of us speak only English ;-)

If you are more interested in a Spanish/Catalan-speaking group, please check this Facebook community ( or this Yahoo discussion group (

We have a "twin" Facebook group ( as well, moderated by some of our members.

Don't forget that you can use our discussion forums! (

What is this Meetup's purpose?

This is a group for people interested in sharing their experience of being polyamorous in a largely non-polyamorous society, and also for those who would like to learn more about emotional models alternative to what's perceived as 'standard'.

Who should join?

Everyone's welcome. We meet at least once a month in a friendly, public location to share good food, nice drinks, and great conversations. As the group grows, we plan to start organizing additional activities in a respectable and open-minded environment - hikes, cinema, theatre, sport, and more.


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