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Most organisations should ditch Scrum!
* Our colleague Jurgen De Smet will be in Barcelona proposes the following talk. * --- Thanks to HBR, McKinsey and more of those, Agile has become mainstream but is it Agile? I see Agile being used as synonym of Scrum even though Agile is more of an umbrella where Scrum is just one flavour of getting there. Many inquiries show that Scrum is the most used Agile flavour in the world and I’m here to tell you to stop that movement unless you truly mean it. Let me guide you through some basic elements and help you evaluate if you and your organisation should ditch Scrum or not. Help you recognise if you are truly a Scrum Master or rather a Scrum Novice. And much more. Practicalities 45 min interactive talk with large audiences

Ocado Technology barcelona

Av. de Josep Tarradellas, 20 Planta 5 · Barcelona

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