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Hi everyone!

This is a group for musicians - of all kinds of instruments & singers - and all levels who are interested in learning how to write and record music at their homestudio in various modern style such as: Pop, Rock, Blues, Reggae, Dance, Jazz, Latin.

- Learn to express yourself by writing and recording your own music
- Understand why some songs sound good and why others do not
- Learn about music theory
- Learn how to structure a song/composition
- Storytelling, Topics
- Creating Hooklines, Riffs
- Songwriting & Composition techniques
- Go beyond the basics and find new chord colours in music
- Learn how to record with DAW softwares like Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Cubase or Ableton
- How to produce, edit and mix your own music but also how to work very efficiently!
- How to use plugins
- Learn about miking an instrument/the singer
- And much more!

The classes will be given on a weekly basis with a maximum of 5-6 people with or without your instrument.

Languages: English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Russian

Duration per class: 1,5 - 2h.
Price per class: Will be announced in the event.

To learn more about me please visit: