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Save your time building modern web apps with Vaadin Platform and Mateu MDD

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Barcelona Activa

Carrer de la Llacuna, 162 · Barcelona

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Barcelona Activa Carrer Llacuna, 162 - Emprén room

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Hi devs,

We're closing January with our third meetup of 2019 (much more to come in the next months).

Join us in this event and learn how to make modern web application in Java with Vaadin Platform and Mateu MDD.

Here we give you the abstract of the talk and some info about the speakers in their own words:

Mateu MDD is a framework (yes, another one) for easily developing user interfaces from our java classes.

It is like other MDD (Model Driven Development) frameworks as OpenXava or Apache Isis, but it is Vaadin based.

The way Mateu MDD uses Vaadin makes it easily extensible with our own components what, together with a broad coverage of JPA, makes of Mateu MDD a tool which can easy our live a lot.

Vaadin Platform is conformed by the Flow Framework, a collection of Web Components, and some tools for building modern web apps in Java.

Web Components are a set of standards that enable custom HTML tags for web applications. They are currently being used by several big companies such as Google, GitHub, Comcast, Salesforce and General Electric. High profile sites such as Youtube, Google Music, and GitHub are implemented with Web Components. These standards are changing in the way developers build web apps and almost all web frameworks are moving towards utilising them.

Vaadin Flow is a Java framework that provides an easy way to consume Web Components directly from Java code without having to write any HTML or JavaScript.

In this session, you'll understand what Web Components are and how simple it can be to use them with Vaadin Flow from JVM applications.

About the speakers:
Manuel Carrasco ( defines himself as an open-sourcer. He loves contributing projects such as Vaadin, GWT, Polymer, Jenkins or Apache James.
He is a "Senior expert" in Vaadin, where he works in the R&D Team producing amazing web-components and tools for the next generation web frameworks.

Miguel Perez Colon ([masked]) has been working with Java for 20 years, and one of his main concerns in recent years has been the productivity and reliability of user interface development.
He has gone from JSPs, Struts, XML + XSL and GWT to Vaadin with Mateu MDD.
One of his maxims of recent years is "the less code, the better", and Mateu MDD helps with that.

And more:
We want to thank Barcelona Activa for offering the space for this event. Don't forget this event will be at Emprén room.