Workshop: fast prototyping of Enterprise Cross-Platform Mobile Apps with Java

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Hi devs!

Let's code our first cross-platform mobile app with JavaFX ;-)

In this session and following our previous session ( ) we will build an application with Gluon Mobile and Gluon CloudLink, using the "MyDevoxx app" as an example.

- Installation of requirements*.
- Gluon IDE Plugin, creation of a basic project, mobile deployment
- Description of Gluon Mobile, Charm Down, Gluon Connect using application examples: Gluon samples
- Description of Gluon CloudLink and Dashboard using an enterprise application example

*Requirements: Laptop with the following software installed:
- Java 8
- IDE: NetBeans or IntelliJ if possible, also Eclipse.
- Android SDK (installing Android Studio), with at least SDK 27, or following
- Gradle (4+)
- USB cable to connect a device (Android/iOS)
- For iOS: Mac, recent XCode.
- A good Internet connection is also required.

This session will be driven José Pereda (, PhD in Structural Engineering and software engineer at Gluon Software, he is a Java Champion, Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador and JavaOne RockStar. Being on Java since 1999, he is a JavaFX advocate, developing Java applications for mobile and embedded platforms connected to the cloud and enterprise systems, while he also works on open source projects (OpenJFX, FXyz3D), co-authoring JavaFX books (JavaFX 8 Introduction by Example, JavaFX 9 by Example), blogging (, tweeting (@JPeredaDnr) or speaking at JUGs and conferences (JavaOne, Devoxx, JAX, Jfokus, JavaLand, JCrete, JBCNConf,…). José lives with his family in Valladolid, Spain.

Remember to book your seat & happy coding!

PD: We are looking for a company that would like to host the event. Let us know, we will be more than happy to come to your offices! ;-)