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Kubernetes Operators Panel

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Kubernetes Operators Panel


Eyy devs !!!!
Here we are again, and this time with a panel of amazing speakers talking about Kubernetes Operators from different levels of implication.

We will have 10 speakers from different companies CloudBees, Container Solutions, Red Hat, Stackgres, VMware covering several points of the Kubernetes Operators life-cycle:


  • Self introduction and a highlight related to Operators
  • Topics :
  • How and why I create Operators
  • Scaffold an Operator
  • Events & Reconciliation
  • Testing (local, PR checks...)
  • Deployment & Publishing (deployment files, OperatorHub...)
  • What next and conclusions


  • James Strachan (CloudBees)
  • Adam Sandor (Container-Solutions)
  • Christophe Laprun (Red Hat)
  • Jakub Scholz (Red Hat)
  • Jesus Rodriguez (Red Hat)
  • Marc Nuri (Red Hat)
  • Alvaro Hernandez (Stackgres)
  • Alberto Calleja Ríos (VMware)
  • Bella Bai (VMware)
  • Attila Meszaros (ex Container-Solutions, now FORM3)

After the event we can meet at our private VR island to chat and share opinions in a casual environment:

Hope you can make it. See you at the meetup.

Stay safe, wear mask, wash hands and code happily!

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