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Do you have a startup idea in mind and want to know if it's a good one? Want to know what the next steps to get started on your company should be?

We are NOBA and we have developed a step-by-step methodology that will help you validate your idea and get a head start on the market. You will come out from the session with prototypes ready to launch that same day. Learn about how Vibease, a remote controlled vibrator, used prototyping to get ahead in the game. Find out how A/B testing helped an unpopular president win Spain's last elections for a second time. Or how to use prototyping to buy the RIGHT gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend!

Meetups will be organized in the following way: Volunteers will pitch their idea to the attendees. Then, led by a facilitator from NOBA, everyone in the room will follow the Protopay methodology to create a series of prototypes that will be launched that same day. If you want to pitch your idea, let us know at!

Occasionally, we will showcase exceptional workshops and trainings from some of our partners.


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