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What do you want to know about Blockchain?

Blockchain-based technologies of all kinds are revolutionizing the world as they are applied to new and existing business models. We will explore Blockchain across multiple industries, showcase real-world examples, and organize expert panels of thought leaders.

Our group is for Blockchain enthusiasts of all kinds.

Together we will form new ideas, and create solutions to current challenges, all the while working together to boost the Blockchain technology sector. We will bring together experts, and those in the community currently running blockchain companies, with those aspiring to learn how, providing a foundation for new and revolutionary ideas to form.

All skill sets and levels are welcome. We are looking forward to meeting you at an upcoming event soon.

Próximos eventos (1)

Discussion Panel: Blockchain in the Media, Digital Content & Creative Industries

During the last year, Blockchain technology has been consolidated in many sectors. Nowadays, most of us know that cryptocurrencies are just one use case of many of this disruptive technology. As blockchain technology matures, media, creatives, and entertainment businesses and professionals should be learning about the technology and the potential use cases for their business. In this second event organized by the Barcelona Blockchain for Business Community and FIU House, we are going to explore use cases, opportunities, and challenges through an exceptional selection of panelists that will share their knowledge, experience, and insights with us. This event is in English. 19:00H — Arrival 19:15H — Advanced Cryptography and its Usage in the Blockchain World, by Lior Yaffe, Blockchain Developer of the Ardor and Nxt Blockchains, co-founder of Jelurida, a software blockchain company that offers blockchain solutions for enterprises. 19:45H — Presentation of the panelists and use cases. Discussion panel on: Opportunities and Challenges. 20:30H — Networking and drinks PANELISTS: Roberto Garcia, Associate Professor at Lleida University https://www.linkedin.com/in/rogargon/ https://www.invid-project.eu/ Raquel H Schafhuser, CEO & Co-founder at Mobs https://www.linkedin.com/in/raquelherscha/ https://mobs.video/ Lior Yaffe, Blockchain Developer and Managing Director at Jelurida https://www.linkedin.com/in/lior-yaffe-61106b1/ https://www.jelurida.com/ IMPORTANT: The event is free for members of this group (you will be asked to show your RSVP at the entrance) and members of FIU House Barcelona. Otherwise you will be charged € 5 at the entrance.