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Brainstorming leads to great ideas, and success!

In this group we will share our diverse knowledge, strengths, skills and experience to help each other overcome whatever challenges we may be facing in our business or project - whether it is a start up, a long-standing business, or just a business or project idea.

More specifically: Each person will get a turn to be the focus of brainstorming session, during which all minds are focused on THEM and their project. This is when creative synergy happens!

Everybody will get a chance to both brainstorm for others, and to be the focus of brainstorming sessions. This isn't necessarily about collaborating (although collaborations may happen), but rather combining our collective skills and backgrounds, to help each one of us individually.

Who should join? People from all backgrounds - technical, IT, programming, marketing, sales, public relations, events coordination, development, operations, creative, artistic, online, offline, and more!

If you have challenges in your own business or project, or if you just love brainstorming ideas (it's fun!) to help others, come be a part of Brainstorming for (Business) Success.

In the meetups, each person/team will get to present a specific challenge in their own business/project that the entire group then gives feedback and brainstorms about.

In the future, meetups might be organized according to theme: Technical issues / Team Building / Marketing / etc...We can see what works best as we go.

Everybody has brilliant ideas - Let's start sharing!