WAVES TECHNOLOGIES "Blockchain for Business: DeFi, dApps and Smart Contracts"

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Dentro de la #CryptoMadridWeek también tendremos talleres formativos.

En este caso, y de la mano de Waves Technologies, nos hablarán de casos de uso en DeFi y Smart Contracts. El taller será en INGLÉS.

Plazas limitadas!!


Blockchain for Business: DeFi, dApps and Smart Contracts

Crypto Plaza has invited Waves:small_blue_diamond:to Madrid Crypto Week. T
his event aims to provide our guests with the latest trends, innovations, and blockchain solutions for FinTech industries
- Introduction to Waves
- Why do businesses need blockchain?
- DeFi: The future of finance.
- Blockchain use cases in FinTech companies
- Simple Smart Contracts (live coding)

Emily de Dios (Head of Global Community) Emily has been working with Waves since May 2018. She was introduced to blockchain in 2016 when she was an Associate Professor teaching a Disruptive Technology course in blockchain, AI, ML, and cryptocurrencies. She has a BA in Economics, a Master in Marketing and Business Management, plus years of work experience in technology.

Vladimir Zhuravlev (Waves Developer &Advocate) He has a technical background in Python and JS developer. He has a passion for blockchain, Fintech, and NLP.