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The focus of this Meetup group is to provide free monthly community data events.

About us

The Data Science Festival is a global data community. We aim to connect the data world and foster the sharing of knowledge, inspiration and ideas.

The global network is dedicated to free education through grassroots technical events. we will cover the latest topics that matter most to data scientists and data engineers. There will be no demos that you can learn from a book or video, instead our speakers will be discussing real world problems, what works, what doesn’t work and why they’ve implemented the solutions they have. They will generate lively discussion and debate, offering real-world take-aways to help you in your job.

Who is the Data Science Festival for?

• Data engineers, analysts, scientists, and other practitioners

• Academics, founders, researchers, authors

• R, Python and other software engineers who work with data or want to learn

• Data visualisation developers and designers

• Non-technical team leads, executives, and other decision makers from data centric startups and large companies looking to utilise open source tools

How can I get involved?

Visit the DSF site to get involved! (http://www.datasciencefestival.com/)

We are actively looking for community minded individuals to help build and grow our group, please feel free to get in touch if you would like to:

• Host an event

• Sponsor an event

• Present a session

• Volunteer to help organise the festival

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DSF Meetup with On the Beach

5 Adair St

Join the Data Science Festival Manchester in partnership with On the Beach for 2 super interesting talks this October. Due to the popularity of Data Science Festival events, we are now allocating event tickets via a random ballot. Registering here enters you into the ticket ballot for the Data Science Festival Event on October 29th 2019, the ballot will be drawn on the 25th October 2019. Those randomly selected will then be e-mailed a Universe ticket for the event. If you get an allocated Universe ticket, please bring a copy of your paper ticket or your ticket on your phone to the event to check in with your QR code. Tickets are non-transferable. PLEASE NOTE REGISTERING ON MEETUP DOES NOT GUARANTEE YOU ENTRY TO THIS EVENT. Please click here to apply for a ticket: https://www.datasciencefestival.com/event/dsf-meetup-with-on-the-beach/ SCHEDULE: 6:00: Doors open 6:30: Phil Nash 7:15: Break 7:45: TBC 8:30: Networking 8:50: Leave building Phil Nash - Is this normal? Automatic monitoring of KPIs using GCP Summary: In the past we have spent a lot of time trying to figure out if a sudden drop in sales or sessions was something to worry about. In most cases, it would turn out to be nothing more than natural fluctuation. We created a system to monitor KPIs in real time, and send an alert anytime that they moved significantly enough to warrant concern. Bio: I have been a data scientist for about 8 years now, working across industries such as food delivery, finance and travel. The majority of my work revolves around marketing, namely building models to correctly attribute media effectiveness, predicting a customer’s likeliness of purchase, and working out which customers to target. I’m new to Manchester, having moved from Berlin. I love the outdoors, and in my spare time I enjoy picking wild mushrooms and longboarding down mountains.

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DSF Meetup with Peak.ai

M1 4ET

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