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Destination AARhus invites all employees from our partner companies to join our interesting knowledge-sharing events.

In order to officially sign up for our events please visit our website and fill out the submission form for the specific event you wish to attend:


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Please note that our events are exclusively for employees from Destination AARhus partner companies and students at Aarhus University.

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Applied Machine Learning – Of the shelf to custom Machine Learning

Peter Bøgh Andersen Auditorium

REGISTRATION A requirement to attend is that you are an employee from one of our partner companies and you must officially register here: https://destinationaarhus.com/event/applied-machine-learning-of-the-shelf-to-custom-machine-learning/ How do you get started with Machine Learning? This talk will answer that question. Machine Learning systems require much more than just training and prediction. However, the performance of the Machine Learning algorithm is the centerpiece of it all. This talk with Nicholai Stålung will give a brief introduction to Natural Language Processing, Image Analysis and structured data in the context of Supervised Learning. You can expect to be introduced to: - Pretrained models and their capabilities. - Custom models when pretrained are not enough - Steps to take when applying machine learning to your data - How to become Machine Learning ready SPEAKER BIO Nicholai Stålung has a background in econometrics, mathematical modelling and financial technology. He currently work as a Data Scientist and Machine Learning Consultant at Trifork Copenhagen. SIGN UP HERE: https://destinationaarhus.com/event/applied-machine-learning-of-the-shelf-to-custom-machine-learning/

Insights from the Computer Science Research Field at Aarhus University

Peter Bøgh Andersen Auditorium

REGISTRATION A requirement to attend is that you are an employee from one of our partner companies and you must officially register here: https://destinationaarhus.com/event/insights-from-the-computer-science-research-field-at-au/ Aarhus University is among the world’s leading research-intensive universities and it has been ranked as the number 1 Danish Computer Science Department in 2019. We, therefore, invite leading researchers to give you insights from the Computer Science research field. This time we focus on Digital Twins and the Blockchain technology. We have invited Peter Gorm Larsen, Professor and Head of DIGIT Centre, to give insights from the Centre for Digital Twins. Furthermore, we have invited Professor and Centre Leader, Jesper Buus Nielsen, to give research insights from Concordium Blockchain Research Center Aarhus. This event targets anyone interested in state-of-the-art Computer Science research concerning Digital Twins and Blockchains. TALK 1 - TOWARDS DIGITAL TWINS FOR CYBER-PHYSICAL SYSTEMS Ensuring the dependability of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs) poses challenges for model-based engineering, stemming from the semantic heterogeneity of the models of computational, physical and human processes. We argue that delivering such dependability requires a marriage of multi-disciplinary multi-models developed and co-simulated during design with models derived from real operational data. The assets developed during design thus become a learning digital twin, able to support machine-assisted decision-making both in redesign and in responsive operation. Starting from an integrated open toolchain for CPS design, we illustrate the potential for integrating diverse discrete-event and continuous time models with inductive models derived from such operational data in a digital twin setting. TALK 2 - A LOOK INSIDE THIRD GENERATION BLOCKCHAINS The Concordium Blockchain Research Center at Aarhus University perform the technical and fundamental research behind developing the Concordium Blockchain Network. The Concordium Blockchain Network is an example of the upcoming third-generation blockchains, which are science-driven and have a focus on energy efficiency, speed, scalability, privacy, formal verification, and regulatory compliance. The talk will give examples of the research going on at the center. SIGN UP https://destinationaarhus.com/event/insights-from-the-computer-science-research-field-at-au/

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