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Looking for a different way to explore Barcelona?

Embark on a free and fun treasure hunt that will change your perspective on the city and lead you to some of the well known, but also overlooked and off the beaten path places around the city center. Solve the clues to discover Barcelona’s streets, landmarks, art, history, local specialties and much much more.

You can play the treasure hunt alone, with friends as a team or team-up with other participants; it’s a great free activity to share with your friends and an engaging way to meet people.

At the end of the treasure hunt, you will have had a fun time exploring the city and a different look on Barcelona!

Not convinced? See below what past participants have to say about the experience:

How would you describe it:

“Just a terrific experience to have fun, meet new people and discover new places.” Local

“A fun experience, something different and a good way to walk around the city.” Local

“A very unusual and funny way of discovering a city you don't know.” Visitor

“It's so much fun, we discovered hidden areas in Barcelona that we didn't know before.” Visitor

What did you enjoy the most:

“Discover new things that I haven’t done before and didn’t even know they existed.” Local

“Guessing the clues and laughing with friends.” Local

“To discover things you wouldn't have with a regular guide and talk to other people.” Visitor

“The fact that it didn't require any preplanning from our side, and that we got to see and learn a lot!” Visitor

How it works?

Price: Free (Donations welcome at the end)

Time: 2.5 Hours

Language: English

Level: For all levels

Starting point: Meet in front of the Barcelona Cathedral for a quick introduction to the game (15 minutes), during which the game master will give you an Adventure Map and you will form teams, before all the teams go their separate ways to solve clues (2 hours).

You will to use your phone to send the game master a picture of you at the clues locations as proofs that you solved the clues. The game master will validate or invalidate your answer.

Ending point: Meet at the ending point indicated in the Adventure Map to share your experience with the participants and to collect your prize (15 minutes or more if you fancy).

Where will we meet?

Placita de la Seu in front of the steps leading to the entrance to the Barcelona Catedral (Catedral de Barcelona). Look for the Turquoise Blue umbrella.

What will be provided?

Adventure Map: Your guide with clues and maps to help you find your way.

Prize: At the end of the adventure come collect your prize.

What you need to bring?

Please bring a charged mobile phone or camera, comfortable walking shoes, water and your appetite for adventure.

Any question?

Just give me a shout :)

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