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As of mid-April 2015, this group is newly redesigned to be an open forum for all those that wish to gather in or near Sant Cugat and enjoy conversations in that are in ENGLISH ONLY. May be while having a beer, or a glass of wine and tapas, or any other appealing environment, such as hikes, movies, dinners, or whatever else may sound like fun.

Yes in this group we speak only English and it is a good practice environment, but the focus of this group is not to learn the English language. The focus of this group is to have fun, meet people, and maybe make some friends while socializing in English.

This group is run primarily by its members. Anyone can schedule an activity and let it be announced via this site. All activities must be purely for the enjoyment and entertainment of its members. All members are strongly encouraged to participate, make suggestion, and coordinate activities.

(Individuals or businesses participating for the benefit of financial profit are not welcomed).

So don´t just join to be a lookie-loo, a spectator with no real intention of participating, someone just waiting for someone else to do something. Be motivated, get involved, participate in activities, and organize events. Afterwards and as a reward, not only will everyone have more fun, but you will feel better and make others feel better as well.

Members who do not participate for more than one year may be removed from the group.

All members are asked to communicate in English only on this site and during group activities.

Your level is not so important, as long as you are willing and able to communicate in English only ...

Step forward with your idea of getting together and let´s just do it.