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Hey everyone. I created this group because during the Mobile World Congress I met up with many Facebook Marketing Experts from San Francisco and from Berlin. They all told me that they have monthly meetups in their cities. In these meetups they exchange tricks and tipps and generally make each other better. As something like this didn't exist in Barcelona yet I decided to take the initiative and to found it.

This is a group for anyone who works with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Ads and for everyone who wants to learn it. All skills levels are welcome.

We are going to share and learn together on:

~ which bidding type to use in which situation (OCPM, CPC, CPM, OCPC)

~ how to get app installs are very cheap rates

~ how to A/B test all your ads and makes them better every day

~ how to deal with your key account manager from Facebook Dublin

~ how to pre qualify potential customers in Facebook.

Remember, it is possible for us to TAP into 1.6 Billion targeted customers worldwide using Facebook Ads and that it will become even more important in the future!

Link to our LinkedIn Group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8491642

Link to Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1694132100828382/

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Hey Facebook Experts and people who want to become one, I just got invited from Facebook again to see them in their HQ and discuss with them the newest updates they made on bidding, the ads algorithm and to learn from best practices from US companies. As I'll most likely fly there end of March or beginning of April I scheduled the next Meetup for us for the 23rd of April so that I can share with you all my learning from the HQ visit. Furthermore there are a lot of new methods for scaling Facebook Ads like the Peacock Method, the Quantum Method, the S.M.A.R.T. Method and the Ayahuasca Method that me and the guest speakers would like to share with you in this Meetup. The Meetup will take place in Bar Lexington in Muntaner 108. I admitted 180 sign ups for that one. In case we reach that number I'll change the venue and allow up to 330 sign ups then. Looking forward to getting to know you all at the Marketing Meetup, - Chris * In the last months even more companies have contacted me that they want to hire Facebook Marketers so if you are looking for a change send me your CV to [masked] and I'll connect you with these companies :)

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Facebook Marketing Barcelona 15th Meetup

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