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This is a Meetup for ladies who have taken the step to start their own business (or plan to take the leap!).

Whether you consider yourself a female entrepreneur, a business owner, or have not yet dared to call yourself anything, but know you would like to run a business on your own, have a more flexible lifestyle, and live up to your full potential, I would love for you to join this group!

Starting a business means being a bit of a super-woman, managing it all on your own: Making decisions, know how to manage finances, marketing, work-life balance, clients etc. As exiting as it is doing your own thing, it can be overwhelming at times and challenging to constantly keep up the spirit and motivation. Having a support group of other ladies who are also starting up their own business makes all the difference. The purpose of this group is to meet regularly to share ideas and resources, support and inspire each other, and make new friends and connections. There will be informal get-togethers, as well as more organized ones, like practicing our sales pitch, workshops on learning more about marketing and finding clients, tips for our websites, how to manage our time, keep up motivation, and share our success (and disaster!) stories in a supportive environment.

This is a group where you don't need to keep up appearances. We support each other, have fun and succeed together in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.

Join us!