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Google Developers Group Tarragona (GDG Tarragona)
Our developers group was created in 2012 with the aim to promote the technology in our community.
Our main objective is to share technical knowledge with the developers community at Tarragona but we collaborate with other communities around Catalonia and Europe. GDG Tarragona is an agnostic community that has as a main sponsor Google. But GDG Tarragona is not part of Google company and the community has their own objectives and rules that could not be the same that the american company.
We are interested in the dissemination of all types of emerging technologies such as iOS, WebComponents, Android, Cloud, Big data, Artificial Intelligence, Voice Assistants and others that could appear in the future.
You could be in touch of the community members at our Slack. You could get your invitation to access to slack  as a member at
See you soon!!