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Quan els Gophers van a la platja, ho fan a Barcelona ;) Aquest és un grup per aprendre i compartir sobre Golang (http://golang.org/) i els seus usos.

Cuando los Gophers van a la playa, lo hacen en Barcelona ;) Éste es un grupo para aprender y compartir sobre Golang (http://golang.org/) y sus usos.

When Gophers go to beach, they go to Barcelona ;) This is a group to learn and share about Golang (http://golang.org/) and its usages.

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GolangBCN January meetup

Avinguda Diagonal, 211

Fellow gophers, The first meetup of the year! The January meetup is powered by New Relic, who has kindly offered their space more than once for this meetup. About New Relic: "Our cloud-based platform gives developers, engineers, operations, and management a clear view of what’s happening in today’s complex software environments. So you can find and fix problems faster, build high-performing DevOps teams, and deliver delightful experiences for your customers." There will be two talks: "Pointers vs Values: digging more into the performance war" by Mario Macías @marioupc In the January 2019 Golang Meetup, we spotted some aspects about the Go memory management, and we concluded that using pointers to avoid copying memory between values is usually a premature optimization. In this talk we will continue digging into this conclusion, and we will show some new scenarios in which minimizing the memory copy could lead to performance degradation, as well as hindering other the metrics of your services in containerized scenarios. "Some techniques for building services in Go" by Gonzalo Serrano (yeah, that's me) @gonzaloserrano I'd like to share some thoughts about techniques that can help you build your next service in Go: TDD, package design with hexagonal architecture, domain-driven design tactical patterns and aggregate design, schemas and code generation, tooling and linters, libraries for SQL and AMQ... Also some thoughts about distributed systems trade-offs. Special thanks to Ferran Orrios from New Relic for letting this happen!

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GolangBCN December meetup

Verse, Inc.

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