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Pro-commons entrepreneurship's values
Debate about Living Commonly's pro-commons entrepreneurship's values The goal of productive projects is to convert the needs of the communities into income sources. We try not only to attain our own needs, but also to create an infrastructure and make it available to the community. These activities solve immediate needs and thus help to strengthen the community. That is to say, when the productive activity generates a surplus, that profit will be destined to the pro-commons, not to private individuals. Free event with snacks included

Plaça Bonsucces, terraza del bar "Buenas Migas"

Barcelona. Ciutata vella · Barcelona

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    You are an entrepreneur of green projects? You already launched your start-up or you have well-thought projects in that realm? You are definitely interested in sustainable development, sharing economy and you deeply want to act for making this world greener? Join us to meet in cool places so that we could exchange our ideas, discuss about actualities, books, green associations and start-ups we already are in contact with and especially, let's act together! Let's create projects together and making them real. We will have the opportunity to attend together to conferences from leaders in environment protection and go together to green events organized here in Barcelona. Together we can change so many things! Green you soon!!