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GroningenML has the goal to raise the level of Machine Learning knowledge in the Groningen area. As Groningen city is a technology hub and has the second most start-ups in The Netherlands, there will be a great need for Machine Learning expertise.

Sharing inspirations and learning from each other is key in our approach. We do this by two streams:

• Company/organization presentations on specific Machine Learning implementations

• Expertise group meetings that focus on a Machine Learning challenge

The pace is to have a presentation and expertise group meeting once every quarter. The expertise group meeting are limited in number of persons to ensure the interaction and brainstorm character of these meetings.

Please join our meetup group if you are also keen on learning and extend your expertise in Machine Learning.

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Expert meeting Flean


The first GroningenML expert meeting is kindly hosted by Willem Scheeres from Flean. Together, we will look at the Flean platform and related websites (e.g. Fijnopvakantie) and brainstorm on how Machine Learning can improve this platform, e.g. recommendations, prediction of conversion and visits with respect to the season and weather, ML data architecture, segmentation and personalization. This touches a core for many businesses and organizations: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are very promising but translating these in real applications is another story. Let’s make a difference by using our mutual expertise! Agenda: 18:00 Welcome with food and drinks 18:30 Willem Scheeres: introduction on platform Flean 18:45 Lise Houwer: presentation and interactive discussion on several ML topics 21:00 Closing Please have a look at the Flean platform and website Fijn op Vakantie: https://www.flean.com/nl https://www.fijnopvakantie.nl/

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