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This is a meetup for anyone who wants to improve their sales strategy, for anyone who has a new product and don't know how to sell it, and for anyone who wants to find customers. If you want to start a cold email campaign and you don't know how, or you want to improve your open and response rate, this is also your meetup. If you don't know how will the new GDPR affect your marketing campaigns, this meetup will solve you all the doubts you may have. And the most important thing: we will help you find your future best customers.

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🔥 We are going live! 🔥 with Dan Martell

This webinar is going to be FIRE 🔥 You already know that Dan is the world-famous business coach for Saas founders! Ready to meet him? Join us for an essential webinar with Dan Martell Save your spot here -> https://bit.ly/2NvLHme Do you want to ask him anything? Let us know 👇

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