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Headstart Network Foundation is a Sec 25 company, established in the year 2008 with the vision to ‘Change the World through Entrepreneurship’, driven by its team of volunteers in 16+ cities in India. It has been among the first few, to have driven informal and formal meets of aspiring and inspiring entrepreneurs in India – as early as 2005 -06.

Today, Headstart Network Foundation is the largest network of early-stage startups in India. It facilitates entrepreneurial learning, hiring, marketing insights and peer mentoring amongst the Startups and addresses their issues through initiatives such as:

1. Headstart Startup Saturdays
2. Headstart Higher
3. Headstart Cofounder Search Program
5. Headstart Mentor

Headstart Network Foundation works with a strong network of stakeholders: startups, government, investors, industry and the tech community.

It presently, has its network spread across Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Jaipur, Kochi, Kolkata and Coimbatore, Vizag, Indore.

Key milestones: India’s largest Community of Early-stage entrepreneurs

More than 30,000 entrepreneurs impacted annually

Outreach to 26,000+ through mailing list and 17,000+ on Facebook 7000+ members on Google (Discussion) Group

More than 150 startup events organized annually pan India

Excited to work with Headstart Network? Write to us at volunteer@headstart.in

For more details visit : http://www.headstart.in

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Go to Market Strategy: Startup Saturday

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Book your tickets at - http://bit.ly/ssdel_oct19 Startup Saturday is the flagship initiative of Headstart Network Foundation. The key objective behind organizing Startup Saturday is to provide a platform for aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs, to learn from, ideate and network with their peers. The event is usually organized on the 2nd Saturday of every month across 15+ Headstart city chapters on themes that range from basic startup fundamentals to industry-specific topics. Experienced entrepreneurs are invited to share their insights with an engaged audience that comprises of students, aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs as well as ecosystem stakeholders like incubators, accelerators, mentors, venture capitalists, startup communities and co-working spaces.

Building 'A' Team: Startup Saturday

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Book you tickets at - http://bit.ly/ssdel_nov19 Building a great creative team doesn't have to be a challenge. Knowing that the process is part art, part science will keep you on track. There is no such thing as a solo entrepreneur. Nobody who’s ever scaled a business from the ground up did it alone. In fact, left to themselves, they wouldn’t have a business. Businessman and investor Warren Buffett spent years trying to convince his longtime friend, Charlie Munger, to be his business partner. He knew Charlie was the man, and he did everything to get him on board. A powerful and successful company operates best and with the most longevity when employees work with a team mentality, each filling a needed role and fulfilling long-term goals. Building a successful team is about more than finding a group of people with the right mix of professional skills. Too often, teams are formed merely by gathering some people together and then hoping that those people somehow find a way to work together. Teams are most effective when carefully designed.

Marketing and Sales: Startup Saturday

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Book your tickets at - http://bit.ly/ssdel_dec19 Entrepreneurs are a special breed – they are risk takers, innovators, and problem solvers. They are often enthusiastic, passionate and willing to stand up for their beliefs. But many entrepreneurs struggle with sales and marketing. You don't have to be the best sales and marketing guy, but you better enjoy getting other people excited about your project, company or product. It will help you not only with finding customers, but also with recruiting a world-class team, raising venture capital, and more. So if there is one thing you should learn before starting a company, it is "sales and marketing" — and you better be passionate about it.

All about Funding and Pitching: Startup Saturday

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Book your tickets at- http://bit.ly/ssdel_jan20 India ranks 3rd globally with more than 4,200 startups now. Last year was a watershed year for the Indian startups. According to NASSCOM, 2015 saw over $5 Bn of investment flowing into startups, compared to $3 Bn in 2014. The number of investors backing startups has grown 130% from last year on the back of a strong consumer base, the popularity of mobile phones, an active interest by the political class as well as global investors. Some of the critical questions at this moment are that Is The Funding Boom Over For Indian Startups? And does every startup needs to go for funding route? We will cover topics ranging from How to Seek Early-Stage Funding That Won't Spoil Your Startup, How to pitch the Idea and How the investors want to be pitched?

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