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Welcome to the IBM Code London Meetup!

Latest News: our new office is now based in wework Moorgate :)

We're running a series of hands-on workshops (BYOD*) on a variety of technologies:

- Cloud Native Development and Containers
- Internet of Things
- Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
- Data Science
- Blockchain

Each of these tracks will be split in to several workshops diving deeper in to the subject each time.

What you can expect during our Meetups: Hands-on, talks, networking, food and drinks!

We hope to see you at our events!
IBM Developer Advocacy team

* Bring Your Own Device

Missed a session? All content is made available on: http://ibm.biz/content-code-ldn

Code of Conduct : https://github.com/IBMCodeLondon/infos/blob/master/code-of-conduct.md (https://github.com/arlemi/IBMCode_London/blob/master/code-of-conduct.md)

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