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The London chapter of IxDA extends the organisation's mission to "improve the human condition by advancing the discipline of Interaction Design", through community, sharing, self-organisation and contribution to the practice and development of Interaction Design.

We often run events on every last Wednesday of each month on IxD topics that are at the intersection of emergent design practices, novel uses of technology, and human behaviour.

The London chapter of IxDA is currently organised by a small team of passionate local leaders - Jason Mesut and Boon Yew Chew, with help from local volunteers.

We hope you can join us and be part of this community.

About the Interaction Design Association:

IxDA adopts an open and participatory "unorganisation" model with no cost of membership and the organisation itself is dependent on its members to serve the needs of the community.

Learn more about the IxDA at http://www.ixda.org

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