Lo que hacemos

We love Japanese culture: the food, the Geishas, the kimonos, the mangas, the Cosplay, the samurais, the video games, the green tea, the karaoke.... Tell me? Have we forgotten anything? Probably, as there is so much to love and so little place to tell. If you are in your twenties or your thirties, you were probably lucky enough to know classics such as Dragon Ball or Sailor Moon… AAAAAAh La belle époque… And if you loved it as much as some of us did, you probably chose to take it to the next step looking everywhere how to make your own onigiris, sushi, play video games like crazy, kill it with Karaoke, working out the kameameah in your bedroom, read manga, watch animés and ……………….. We decided to give you all of that in an Afterwork Party, Come to share with us and with other like you who love Japanese culture. If you do not come for the culture, come for the gaming competitions! If you do not like the gaming, come for the Karaoke! If you are too shy to sing, come for the Sushis! And if you are on a diet come for the surprises!!!! Come with friends, come to socialize and come to have a good time!


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