Próximo Meetup

Trivia Night, Jack London Square
Grab your team and vie with others for Rosenblum prizes. Teams can be 2 to 5 people and up to 8 teams can play. There will be 5 rounds of Trivia questions. The fun starts at 6pm till closing. Sign up early, because tables and teams fill up fast! "Will your team become champions of the tasting room?"

Rosenblum Cellars

10 Clay St · Oakland

Lo que hacemos

We have frequent, awesome activities around the Lake Merritt, Oakland, & East Bay Area!
Always an awesome time! You're also welcome to submit event ideas, become an event organizer yourself (no cost!), or just come out and have a blast around Oakland with everyone else!

Want to post your event?
Invite others out to have fun in Oakland?
Send a message to the organizers to become an event organizer and take people out yourself!

Some events include:
- Local concerts & music festivals
- Friday night concerts & "off the grid" food trucks at Oakland Museum of California
- East Bay Bike Party!!!
- Roller Derby
- Bike Polo on Eastlake tennis courts
- Volunteering days around the Lake
- Boats on the Lake
- Happy hours around Grand, Adam's Point, Eastlake, Chinatown, Downtown..

And whatever anyone else wants to do!
Connect with people around you, in your neighborhood, and love Lake Merritt!