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Dynamic English Conversation class. Learn to improvise.
Do you want to improve your English, meet funny people and laugh with an international crowd? Would acting and training your brain be more beneficial than just a regular inter cambio? Join the BIG teachers and students. Barcelona Improv Group is an amazing group that provides training and shows in English. If you want to join in with their improvised comedy workshops, then you can come along every Sunday from 5pm – 7pm at Teatre l'Enjólit. They encourage a donation of 5€ to help them pay for the workshop space and support the group's activities- it´s free if you can´t pay that amount right now. I usually do not attend, but I love to encourage people to attend and laugh more in their lives while learning English. I teach Public Speaking classes using Improvisation activities- if you need to make presentations in English, I can train you in 3 sessions how to use your body well and how to connect with an audience through Neurolinguistic Programming rapport-building techniques. So try this meetup! Follow the map link below if you’ve never been before – newcomers very welcome! Join our Facebook Workshop group to find out up-to-date news on guest workshops and monthly shows'Enj%C3%B2lit/@41.3889329,2.1809288,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x12a4a2fcec30ca1f:0x2e4ea8ef4eaf6808 (

Teatre l'Enjólit

Carrer Portal Nou 30, Barcelona · Barcelona

Lo que hacemos

Laugh! enables people to choose a happier, more fulfilling lifestyle. Our actions determine the quality of our lives, so we choose gratitude and we are consciously choosing to laugh because we know the health benefits- increased productivity, creativity, better relationships and fewer health problems.

We are Barcelona's brave- who don't accept a mediocre life.

Being in Barcelona (I'm from cold Toronto, Canada) makes me happy!..and I want to encourage laughter, passion and fulfilment in everyone's lives. I am a Linguist and have studied self improvement, languages, culture, sales and marketing for the past 10 years and have found that real -life, experimental opportunities to practise communication and connecting are the greatest teachings.

We use role plays to teach soft skills- known communication skills such as active listening, empathy, creativity nurturing and effective message delivery. We use NLP to better communicate and reframe common situations.

Be spontaneous, be free and be happy. Join us for Laughter Yoga in Parc Ciutadella- just laugh for no reason- except to consciously raise your level of happiness and happy horomones.

Excellent communication skills aren't something we were born with- only through social interaction did we develop our abilities.

There isn't anything more important than communication. Be it communication with yourself or with your partner or father; better communication skills will make life happier. You will Laugh! more.



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