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📿🔮 Calling in the Oracle 🔮📿 (Personal Tarot reading + counselling, €55)
I’M AT A CROSSROADS. WHAT DO I DO? 🤔😫😯 Tarot readings are a powerful form of divination that use an ancient deck of cards to help you find answers to your most important questions about love 💖, relationships 👫, career 🗃, life purpose 👣, health 👩🏻‍⚕️, finances 💶 and more. A Tarot reading is a wonderful way to gleam 🔮 insights into your life and find resolutions to obstacles 🚧 you have faced, are facing, and will face in the future. A reading can offer a gateway 🛣, an opening to a Higher Power (and complimentary army of helpful, healing on-hand guides, ascended masters, gurus and angels) through which we can receive comfort, support, clarity, encouragement, truth, wisdom and guidance 🗺 in our lives, even if it is self-guidance or self-realisation. SO, WHY COME? Firstly, you may have concerns over something which you feel may be out of your control and feel the ‘need to know’ how it will pan out: a job interview, romantic interest, career opportunity, health scare, dream, nightmare, inner feeling/vibe and/or sign. Secondly, you are curious, having never had a reading before. You wish to see what a reading can actually tell/teach you. And thirdly, you’re a regular Tarot user yourself and cannot read your own cards (it happens this way), and need someone to tell you straight what’s going on. Whatever brings you to a Tarot Reader, you will have a question, maybe several, and a need to sort that out. 📿🔮📿 So, what should you expect: 1) A small gathering of 2 to 3 people, including me 💁🏻🙆🏼‍♂️🙋🏼 2) A peaceful 🙏🏻 setting in which you can feel safe and relaxed 3) Confidentiality 🙊 4) Acceptance and respect 5) Love 💗 6) The opportunity to talk 🙃, receive healing ⛑ and learn new skills 💡 📿🔮📿 What we might do: • talk and discussion time 👩🏻‍💼👩🏼‍💼 • transpersonal and spiritual counselling 📿🙏🏼 • spiritual and angelic guidance 👼🏻 • an oracle and tarot card reading 🔮 • energy and spiritual healing 🙌🏻 • Bach flower essence healing 🌸 • crystal healing ğŸ’Ž well as anything else which rises ğŸŒž intuitively. For more information, client testimonials or background about who I am and the modalities I practice, email me or see my website 🍋 I look forward to meeting you and to the beautiful work we will do together, 🙏🏻. 🌸💗📿🦄🌝🍂

Lugar por decidir

55,00 €

Lo que hacemos

Would you like guidance 🔦 with a certain area of your life?

Do you need to make a quick decision ☎️ about something important?

Is your health 🔋 bothering you? Or your love life 💔miserable, messy 🗑, non-existent 🕳, etc?

Whatever your question, whatever the situation and/or subject: a healing 🙌🏻 and/or a consultation 👩🏻‍⚕️ with me can help clarify 📂, illuminate💡and guide 🛣 you towards a resolution 🏖 and the best next steps forwards 💃🏼.

And, if you choose to work with me on a longer-term basis, big change 🗽can be manifested and dreams and goals ğŸŽ¢ more readily achieved. After all: once you know what you want and where you want to get to, once you’ve worked through and released what’s blocking you and holding you back, you are in conversation with your own super power 🚀. Sometimes we just need a little help finding it and someone to hold us accountable.

Not sure if it’s for you?

Why not check out my Healing Happy Hour 🙌🏻👼🏻 on a Wednesday where you pay 💸 what you think it’s worth or you can afford. Or contact me direct 📲 to set this up for a different day or time or for an email or whatsapp reading, where different rates apply.

🕊 🕊🕊

This group is a gathering of GENTLE SOULS, all in search of an answer. It is FRIENDLY, DOWN-TO-EARTH and CONFIDENTIAL. Nothing you share leaves the room. It is a LOVING and SAFE space and for the time that you are there, it is YOURS.


The healing offered here is SUBSIDISED *, reserved only to MEMBERS of this group who express a genuine desire to experience something beautiful, gentle and positive and who would like to welcome a new way of thinking and being into their lives and for those who want/need help and healing but perhaps don't have the economic means to otherwise do so.

* If you can afford to pay more for a healing (like my usual or something close to my usual price) your contributions will be greatly appreciated.

Consultations are 60-90 minutes in length, depending on your requirements, and all healing is intuitively-led.

See Lemon Rose Petals 🍋 for details about how I work and what I do and to ascertain whether we are the right fit.

My healing is a combination of modalities, including Talk Therapy, Spiritual Counselling, Transpersonal Counselling, Psychotherapy, Reiki, Angelic Reiki, The King Technique, Intuitive and Spiritual Healing (Chakra Balancing/Charging/Clearing, Auric Healing, Past Life Healing, Regression, Rebirth...), Crystal Healing, Bach Flower Essences Healing, Aromatherapy, Meditation, Guided Visualisation, Imagineering, Matrix Reimprinting, EFT, Tapping Technique, Breathwork, Bodywork and Dance/Movement Therapy.

Contact me for more information, prices and/or to request a session.

I look forward to hearing from you, :) 😌