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Power BI is the new service from Microsoft that is creating a real buzz in the analytics and business intelligence community. Business users can get data from almost any source, visualise it and share their insights. It also has great power under the covers to do sophisticated data preparation and modelling and build beautiful dashboards. Users can ask questions of their data with natural language and Power BI will do it's best to answer you .

This group will help you get started with Power BI. We'll offer a mix of introductory talks but we'll also have some sessions for the experts as well. Some of the events will be hands-on.

We meet monthly in Central London on a weekday evening. Please come along - you will be sure of a warm welcome from the organisers

Power BI is relatively new but already has 5 million subscribers - we'll show you why!

The London Power BI Users Group is part of the Microsoft Power BI User Group Program. Microsoft is not responsible for content on this website or activities that take place at Group meetings.

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London #PowerBI user group with David Benaim

We're very excited to host David at our next event. PLEASE REMEMBER TO SIGN UP ON THE SKILLSMATTER WEBSITE: https://skillsmatter.com/groups/10620-power-bi-meetup-group#next_up This is a requirement of the venue, and you will not be able to attend without registering at skillsmatter.com. In this session, David will cover PowerBI must know speed up tricks As a creator, PowerBI can be slow to use than its Microsoft Office counterparts, it’s got fewer shortcuts, multi select abilities and navigation speed ups. There are often multiple ways to perform key tasks but which is the fastest? We will not cover troubleshooting performance issues, but rather speeding up when authoring in PowerBI. Even if you’re a productivity guru I guarantee there’ll be something new for you in this demo filled session. We will look at some shortcuts & speed up tricks across the board including: 1. Power Query – a few shortcuts exist, and where they don’t, you’ll find these tips golden! 2. The recently updated model view 3. Creating & editing measures 4. The data view 5. Building visuals 6. Formatting visuals 7. Arranging visual London Power BI UG Challenge: To encourage the learning and sharing of our UG, every month we give an open dataset to our attendees and ask them to design something using with Microfot PowerPlatform. These designs can be showcased at UG and/or share over here - http://bit.ly/LondonPugChallenge1 Dataset for next UG: Topic - GB Internet Access http://bit.ly/london-pbi-ug-aug-2019 or full URL - https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/householdcharacteristics/homeinternetandsocialmediausage/bulletins/internetaccesshouseholdsandindividuals/2018/relateddata Agenda 18:00-18:30 Networking 18:30-19:00 Intro, Monthly updates and London PowerBI DataViz 19:00-20:30 Main Session 20:30 onwards pizza and drinks at the venue bar

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London #PowerBI user group with Thomas Foster

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