Google AI Tech Talk: Building real time cross platform video audio ML pipelines


Join us this Google AI tech talk event:

MediaPipe: Building real time cross platform video audio ML pipelines

Video, audio (multimodal) mobile and edge use cases that utilize machine learning models (eg Tiktok, Shazam, Google Home Hub) are becoming more common. However, creating these multimodal ML applications are challenging as developers need to deal with real time synchronization of time series data during model inference and doing it cross platform on mobile and edge devices.
Google open sourced in Jun 2019, MediaPipe (, a cross platform applied machine learning pipeline framework that simplifies the development process. My talk will be introducing open source MediaPipe framework, walking through mobile and edge (EdgeTPU coral) demos and getting developers started on building multimodal ML applications

Ming Yong is a Product manager in Google Research Perception Research leading open source efforts in computer vision. In Google, he was previously product manager in Google Search and product lead for mobile video ad formats. Before Google, Ming was cofounder Socialwok, an enterprise collaboration service for Google Apps (Finalist of the Techcrunch Disrupt 2011) and Voiceroute, a startup focused on open source VOIP telephony services for small medium enterprises.