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Malaga European Capital of Sport 2020: Opportunities for startups
Because of great success prolonged! In 2020 Málaga will be European capital of sport. The goals are: - to stimulate sports activities among the population - to promote sports that are less known by the people of Malaga such as skating or gymnastics, - to promote physical activities in nature. In this Ideathon we are going to build innovative ideas that exploit to the maximum the opportunities that are offered when Málaga will be the European capital of sports in 2020. We will not only look for opportunities, but we will design them deliberately. How can we provide added value to existing sports activities and the events that will be organized? What new sports, products and services can we design? Could we support those with software applications? Could we make a startup out of it? In order to do that, we will learn and apply some creative thinking techniques like the Provocative Operation and the Random Word technique from Lateral Thinking. Innovation Campus is so kind to host this event and provide some beers afterwards. Kindest regards, Gijs Emanuel Información del Traductor de GoogleComunidadMóvil

Innovation Campus

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"Apping" Malaga's Life. Participate on an event focussed on creative ideas to improve life in Malaga by the use of apps and smartphones that could eventually lead to start-ups by the participants. A great opportunity to network for entrepreneurs and creatives.