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This is a group for people doing stuff with JavaScript.
If you are building rich Internet applications, working with libraries or crafting cool code, you'll find people to share your experiences with.
If you are just starting out, come and meet others who have been there. This is a place to share knowledge, ask questions, teach and meet new faces.
Everyone is welcome!

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Modern and serverless web applications with GraphQL API

We have the pleasure of announcing this amazing meetup where Marion Schleifer will pay us a visit with a very interesting talk which includes Vue, GraphQL and Hassura. Modern and serverless web applications with GraphQL API Learn how to build fast web applications with a Vue frontend and a backend running on Hasura. Hasura is a light-weight GraphQL engine that offers all the advantages of a serverless backend: it's fast, it offers real-time updates and it enables you to enjoy the full power of Postgres. We'll look at a sample application to see how the different parts work together and how we can take full advantage of the combination of these technologies. Marion is a freelance software developer and community organizer from Zurich, Switzerland. While she is a passionate coder, diversity in the tech industry is very important to her. She co-founded Women Techmakers in Switzerland, a platform for women in tech, as well as Ruby Monstas, a free programming course for women. She loves giving back to the community by organizing events and bringing people together. Marion's Twitter: https://twitter.com/rubydwarf This event will be held in the offices of trivago and spaces are limited so pease if you can't make it don't forget to give up your place so someone else can attend. Drinks and snacks will be provided and we look forward to seeing you there.

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webpack and code splitting - Sean Larkin


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