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Lose Weight/Get Fit Fast On Autopilot (20min/day) - Free Always! :)
• What we'll do Hi Guys, "Lose Weight & Get Fit Fast" program is our initiative to help people who need support, structure and guidance how to spend 20min/day exercising (3-4 times per week) and get in shape really fast. The program is free and it is not an advirtising trick. There are multiple scientific pieces of research show that very short but intense exercises which target every time different group muscles trigger accelerated weight loss, rapidly increase metabolism and fitness level. You are welcome to test it! We have nothing to lose, but weight, right? :) • What to bring • Important to know On Tuesday and Thursday, we meet at 18:55 (latest): Carrer de Montalegre, 8, 08001 Barcelona, (CRAI Biblioteca de Filosofia, Geografia i Història Universitat de Barcelona UB). Here is the picture where we meet exactly

Museu Martorell

Museu Martorell, Parc de la Ciutadella · Barcelona

Lo que hacemos

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Hola a todos!

Este es un grupo para gente que está interesada en conseguir más energía, salud y vitalidad a través de la práctica regular de Artes Marciales. Arte Marcial en chino conocido como "WuShu" incluye cientos de estilos diferentes y direcciones. Estamos usando Qi Gong, Tai Chi (Yang Style), WuShu (Changquan - Long Fist style) y algunos elementos del Aikido (japonés) e nuestro entrenamiento. Nuestra meta es haceros más flexibles, fuertes, energéticos, rápidos y relajados mediante nuestro entrenamiento. A la vez estaréis adquiriendo importantes conocimientos sobre la filosofía oriental y prácticas que durante mucho tiempo estuvieron reservadas a una cantidad reducida de personas. Aunque son técnicas aplicadas al combate, en clase no las usaremos de esta forma así que tranquilos, no nos haremos daño entre nosotros.

Es más divertido entrenar en grupo que por tu cuenta. De momento estamos quedando los martes (a las 19:00 - 21:30), los jueves (a las 19:00 - 21:30) y los domingos (a las 10:00). Estás invitado a unirte a nosotros!!

Material: No es necesario traer nada en especial, solamente asegúrate de traer ropa cómoda y calzado con suela fina.

Idioma: inglés (principalmente) & castellano

Alex: +34 629 903 102 (English)


Hi Guys and Girls,

This is a group for people who are aiming to get energy, health and vitality through regular Martial Art practice. 'Martial Art', in Chinese language called 'WuShu', includes hundreds of different styles and directions. We are using Qi Gong, Tai Chi (Yang style), Wushu (Changquan - Long Fist style), and some elements of Aikido (Japanese) in our training. Our main goal is to make you more energetic, flexible, strong, fast, light and relaxed through our training. At the same time, you will get some important knowledge about the eastern philosophy and practices that for thousands of years used to be known only to a limited number of people. We are not going to beat each other up, so no worries about that :)

It is fun to train together in group settings than on your own. At the moment we are training four times a week, on Tuesday at 19:00h - 21:30 (two sessions), Thursday at 19:00h - 21:30 (two sessions) and on Sundays (at 10:00h). You are welcome to join us!

Equipment: No extra equipment is required. Just make sure you come in comfortable clothes and shoes with thin soles.

Language: English (mainly) & Spanish

Alex: +34 629 903 102 (English)


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