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Tantric Meditation Dance for Women
The Meet Up group is to it's capacity. Please txt me at [masked] ABOUT THE DANCE: Through this meditation dance we awaken both Shiva and Shakti. Unlike other meditation practices, the dance allows us to journey deep into the fertile terrain of our bodies as a way of incarnating the feminine principle - Shakti. Shakti is the constant movement of energy calling us deep into the embodied experience of being woman. By following her subtle pulse we activate the aliveness of our bodies as a resting place for our natural expression of joy and ecstasy. When we dance in this way we turn on our life force within, returning us to a deep remembering of our innate connectedness to our bodies and earth as our primary belonging. Shiva is the consciousness within that decodes Shakti's primal energy, allowing us to move in the world with the deep awareness of our emotional wisdom and imaginal intelligence as a source of our innate feminine power. This meditative dance ignites the union within, not just as a concept but as a lived embodied experience. Through this union we remember and reclaim the pathways back to the source of our own love. ABOUT ME: Kate has been walking the path of awakening for the past 16 years. Her search for truth has sent her to many of the far corners of the earth, where she has studied with some of the true elders of our time. She's a qualified Gestalt Psychotherapist, Shamanic Practitioner, Deep Feminine Facilitator and Soul Guide. She's also an actress and a mystic poet. She's the creatrix of her own radical and revolutionary performance called The Blood Tales, which portrays the journey of feminine initiation through the matrix of woman's menstrual blood. Her passion lies in supporting women access their true wild nature. PRACTICALS: Every Thursday -[masked]hs €35 por mes €12 clase suelta Whats app: [masked]


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Hello women, I am Daphne and I teach an ancient meditation dance form called Shiva Shakti. Unlike other meditation practices, this form engages the whole body through a gentle snake-like movement that is informed by the movement of our hips - the container of our womb. The movement is generated through the deep listening of our bodies: engaging with our breath and opening to feeling and sensation. The Shiva Shakti meditation dance facilitates a profound connection with our womb (the container of our creativity and wisdom as women) and a deep experience of our feminine sensuality. Reclaiming our creativity, wisdom and sensuality are all key to empowering ourselves as women. I have 12 years of experience in yoga, dance and meditation and I have been practicing the Shiva Shakti form for over 4 years. I have now been trained to teach it and I am offering these classes for free as part of my training. Women of all ages and abilities are welcome.